Coflex TLC X/Length 35-40mmHg

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Coflex TLC 2 Layer Compression kit 35-40mmHg

A 2 step level of comfort and healing unlike any other Two Layer Compression products on the market

Step 1 - Soft foam comfort roll impregnated with Aloe Vera to absorb moisture and reduce odour and control itching.
Step 2 - A high quality cohesive compression bandage that is moisture resistant and provides continuous restorative compression. 

This cohesive bandage has visual indicators to assist with achieving the required compression rate.

Extra long for tall people
Foam roll - 10cm x 4.9m unstretched
Cohesive roll - 10cm x 4.8m unstretched

Kit includes a nylon stocking to use over the top of the system for ease of movement