CollarCare Arm Sling - Child

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CollarCare padded arm slings are designed to provide full immobilisation of the shoulder and clavicle area.

The CollarCare padded arm sling is particularly suitable for CVA patients requiring long term limb support and immobilisation.

The padded fabric provides superior body conformity and weight bearing comfort.

The "D" buckle design allows the CollarCare padded arm sling to be adjusted to suit a large variety of applications. The soft padded arm pouch can also be folded to securely fit a variety of limb sizes.

The CollarCare padded arm sling also includes a circumferential wrist strap allowing the arm to be fixed to the body for complete shoulder immobilisation. The touchtape velcro closure on the waist strap allows it to be secured anywhere on the fabric.

CollarCare padded arm slings can be easily fitted by patients without assistance.

CollarCare Padded Arm Slings are 100% Australian Made.