DryMax Extra Soft 20x30cm

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DryMax Extra Soft Super Absorbent Dressing 20cm x 30cm
10 pack

DryMax Extra Soft is a sterile, soft dressing delivering optimal absorption for treatment of heavily exuding wounds.

The super absorbent polymers effectively capture and sequester wound fluid containing bacteria and other substances detrimental to the wound healing process and facilitates wound healing.

The combination of modified cellulose fibres and super absorbent polymers also provides a moist wound environment.

The seamless cover simplifies the positioning of the dressing and allows the dressing to be applied with either side facing the wound.

  • Unique hydrophilic contact layer transports fluid effectively away from the wound and distributes it evenly into the absorbent core.
  • Absorbs vertically and prevents wound edge maceration.
  • Reduces malodour and absorbs bacteria.
  • Ideal under compression.
  • Latex Free
  • Low, soft profile dressing and easy to handle.