Activheal Foam Is Adh 15x15cm

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ActivHeal Foam Adhesive is a two layer dressing indicated for moderate to heavily exuding wounds. Each layer of the ActivHeal Foam Adhesive contributes to the performance of the dressing.

The dressing comprises of a polyurethane absorbent foam pad and a polyurethane membrane.
The core of the dressing is a layer of absorbent polyurethane foam, which absorbs wound exudate rapidly and vertically into the dressing.

The absorbent pad retains the exudate within the dressing preventing the exudate from re-entering the wound and preventing maceration to the peri-wound and surrounding skin.

Indicated for moderate to heavily exuding wounds the dressing offers a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive border ensuring the dressing remains in place, whilst allowing the patient to continue with their everyday activities with confidence.

The dressing conforms to the contours of the body which reduces the risk of rucking or catching on clothing and bedding. ActivHeal Foam Adhesive has the added benefit of a waterproof film.

ActivHeal Foam Adhesive Dressing 15cm x 15cm