Activheal Foam Trachi 10x10cm

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ActivHeal Foam Non-Adhesive is a versatile dressing developed to offer protection and absorbency on moderate to heavily exuding wounds.

ActivHeal Foam Tracheostomy is a two layer dressing which features a versatile fenestration, allowing it to fit neatly around a tracheostomy tube, intubation tube, cannula insertion, external bone fixators and appropriately sized wound drainage tubes.
Its construction offers a low friction backing, a soft highly absorbent foam and a perforated wound contact layer.

This non-adhesive dressing is ideal when reducing trauma is a key part of the wound dressing regime. It has soft and flexible properties mean patients can wear it underneath clothing with comfort and confidence.

Excellent absorption of exudate
Promotes healing through a moist wound environment
Reduces the risk of maceration
Low friction backing
Low adherent wound contact layer
Soft and conformable
deal under compression

ActivHeal Tracheostomy Dressings Box of 10