PolyMem Wic Cavity 8 x 8cm

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PolyMem Wic Cavity filler is especially designed for cavity wounds. As this is a wound filler to be used as a primary dressing, this configuration comes without the PolyMem thin film backing. Use any of the other appropriate PolyMem or Shapes by PolyMem configurations as a secondary dressing. PolyMem Wic Cavity wound filler is a hydrophilic polyurethane membrane matrix with a pre-slit, perforated design that can be easily separated into three 2.5cm wide strips to accommodate the wound bed size. The dressing should be one third smaller than the wound because it will expand when it absorbs wound exudate.


Absorbs up ton 10 times it's dressing weight in exudate

Won't adhere to the wound bed, minimizing damage to wound bed upon removal

Continuously cleanses the wound, reducing the need for wound bed cleansing during dressing changes

PolyMem Cavity Filler 7.6cm x 7.6cm