Caroskin Velvet Touch Silicone

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The Caroskin Velvet Touch is a silicone gel that gives the skin a silky smooth touch

Caroskin Velvet Touch silicone gel is an especially developed transparent gel with a specific formula thatforms instantly a thin layer leaving your skin feeling covered with a unique silicone layer without the sticky sensation!

Scientific studies show that there is less scarring, if the damaged part of the skin is in constant contact with silicone after wound healing.

Caroskin Velvet Touch is an ideal product to use on small areas on the face as well as smaller surgical incision scars, after the wound has healed.

Larger areas need a higher form of occlusion, therefore the silicone sheets are recommended.

Since Caroskin Velvet Touch silicone gel is not sticky, make-up can be applied immediately after.